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Happy accidents (Felici incidenti) – Brad Anderson

Marisa Tomei e Vincent D'Onofrio sono bravissimi, la colonna sonora è di Evan Lurie (che ha fatto molte colonne sonore e soprattutto l’immenso disco“Pieces For Bandoneon”), la storia acquista senso ogni minuto che passa, e Brad Anderson mi sembra sia davvero un grande regista.
da non perdere, anche per chi pensa che la fantascienza non sia il suo campo - Ismaele

Un gioiellino. Interpretato benissimo. Estremizza con un'ironia molto raffinata le incomprensioni tra innamorati e lo fa con piena consapevolezza della tecnica cinematografica . Buono il set, buona la scelta e la direzione degli attori. Niente da dire. Magari ci fossero più film di intrattenimento così. Leggero eppure riflessivo.
da qui

Don't rent this film if you are the kind of movie watcher/goer who doesn't like to have their brain engaged. (i.e. you only want car chases, explosions, bouncing boobies and bathroom humor.) You will be very disappointed.
I adored this movie and will purchase it as soon as I can get my hands on a copy. Why do I adore it? A few reasons.
First, it is not your run-of-the-mill story. The time travel concept is handled in a very interesting way. The "back story," the photograph, the "father's" phone number -- all keep you wondering as they do Ruby (Tomei's character). Too, I appreciated the way the viewer is never quite sure (until the end -- and I won't give it away) if Sam (D'Onofrio's character) is really telling the "truth" or really is mentally/physically ill. I had a roommate for seven years who was bi-polar and borderline psychotic. It was scary how true this movie was in terms of what happens to the people who are dealing with (at least supposedly) mentally ill individuals. The writing and Tomei's acting portrayed the enabling, co-dependant thing perfectly and how these types of relationship can spiral into dangerous places.
Secondly, I liked the fact that the whole movie (except for a few brief shots at the beach and the ending) was filmed with a hand held camera. It gave it an almost documentary-like feel. I think the intimacy of the hand held kept the viewer's focus on the characters, rather like sitting in the room and looking back and forth between them. It also underscored their emotions, thereby grounding us in their reality. It just sucks you in. Because of this I never got a sense that this movie was trying to be a SciFi flick, and I don't think it was intended to be. The jerkiness of the hand held also was a reminder, subtle or not, of the shakey ground these characters were treading both separately and together.
Third and last. D'Onofrio's performance. Outstanding. Man, he continually blows me away! His Sam had to be completely gentle and innocent on one hand, but very threatening and creepy on the other. Sam was so engaging and sweet at first but towards the middle of the film, while retaining those qualities, I was really beginning to wonder if he was a physical threat to Ruby. A fine edge to walk as an actor. And all the future and time theory babble was handled with apparent ease. I believed him. D'Onofrio has the ability to just melt into a character's skin, to completely transform himself. He gives it all…

Brad Anderson definitely has a way with constructing complex stories around simple settings and locations. Happy Accidents is a wonderful film. Charming, witty, funny, smart, and inventive. It's one of those films that doesn’t have wide appeal because, at its core, it’s just so weird. You’re not sure what to believe. There are so many questions and you’re not sure whether there are answers to those questions or not. I must voice my disappointment, however, at the ending. I think a film as refreshing as this one deserved a better conclusion, but I don’t blame the filmmaker for ending it the way he did. Overall though, it’s a really cool little film, and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Ho da sempre una grande passione per Marisa Tomei... le recensioni (almeno quello che ho capito delle recensioni) mi sembrano positive... insomma: me lo segno! :)

  2. qui hai insieme Marisa Tomei e un bel film, cosa volere di più?