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Three Businessmen - Alex Cox

un film strano, e bello.
da Liverpool si gira il mondo, come se fosse normale, passando da una porta all'altra, in una storia surreale e divertente.
la faccia di Alex Cox (Frank), uno dei tre uomini d'affari, sembra quella di un nipote triste di Stan Laurel, mentre quella di Miguel Sandoval (Bennie) sembra quella di un nipote di Oliver Hardy.
sembra tutto folle, ma, se si ha pazienza, poi tutto torna.
provaci, non te ne penti - Ismaele

QUI il film completo, in inglese

Cox’s film plays with inversions of several literary notions. There is a bit of Waiting for Godot in the way the characters never seem to get anywhere near there goals. There is also something of an inverted picaresque style to the story, following these characters on their travels. But they are less the rogue (picaro) than a typical picaresque hero, and survive less on their own wits than the cradling familiarity of one urban landscape that suddenly becomes another.
The film also brings to mind the notion of the wandering flâneur, who aimlessly moves about to experience the city. But, again, this requires a level of engagement that neither Bennie nor Frank demonstrates. They are in the city on business, and their travels are a more impulsive gratifying of material needs than a collecting of urban observations.
The end of the film brings in the third businessman, Leroy (Robert Wisdom), who is already wandering in the desert, though he is convinced he is in Chicago as much as Bennie and Frank are convinced they are still in Liverpool. The three find themselves in a small desert town, shot in the same location as the concluding sequence of Leone’s Per un pugno di dollari (A Fistful of Dollars, 1964), where they are finally able to enjoy a meal prepared by Josefina (Isabel Ampudia), a Latina “businessman” (who says to them, “Of course I speak English, I am a businessman …”). After the meal, the woman takes the three to her newly born niece. The three men, who now step into their names as kings, pass on the world to the infant, giving her money (gold), sage (incense), and … wait for it … a toy model of the Mir space station (myrr …).
And then the condition of their lives, the wandering with little connection, continues. Something a little happier and more meaningful has taken place, and the film gives a glimpse of hope in the future for better things, but the possibility of salvation will have to wait.
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