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Davitelj protiv davitelja - Slobodan Sijan

un film divertente, un po' "Psyco",  un po' ispettore Clouseau, una comicità che è simile dalla Spagna a Israele, passando per la Francia,  l'Italia e la Yugoslavia, che sono molto vicine.
i film dell'Est Europa, dopo la seconda guerra mondiale e fino alla caduta del muro, almeno, con poche eccezioni, non li abbiamo mai potuti vedere, e abbiamo perso molto.
fa ridere spesso, lo si provi, merita - Ismaele

"Davitelj" have cult status in Serbia. It is a story about real people in real situations. Scariest thing is fact that serial killer can be your neighbor, or you can be killed 'cose you wearing pants and dislike flowers! When you watching "Davitelj" you laugh, then you scream, and so on. And you scream very loud. And laugh too.

It is difficult to know who to recommend this film to, as I can think of nothing I can compare it with. Maybe if the Monty Python guys decided to remake Psycho the results might have been similar. Or maybe it was a product of its time and place and we will never see anything like it again. Watch it and find out.

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, only became a metropolis when it got its first serial killer. The said killer is a big, fat, shy and mother-fixated man, played to deadpan perfection by one of Serbia's greatest comedians, Tasko Nacic. He lives with his cruel mother in a gothic apartment resembling those from Mario Bava's films. He sells flowers and lives by the motto, 'Those who don't like carnations don't deserve to live!' His victims are the young women who refuse to buy his flowers and humiliate him in public. The film follows the exploits of three main characters: the strangler, the incompetent and highly neurotic inspector on his trail and the nerdy rock singer attracted to the killer's exploits. The latter's oedipal desires and sexual angst turn him into a promoter of the strangler's crimes (through a song devoted to him) and a potential strangler in his own right.

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