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Trade - Marco Kreuzpaintner

un film che non è piaciuto quasi niente alla critica, una (la) storia di tratta di ragazze e bambini, e la corsa contro il tempo di che vuole salvare Adriana.
c'è un grande Kevin Kline e una bravissima Alicja Bachleda.
a me è piaciuto molto, ci sono ritmo e colpi di scena, magari troppo facili, ma l'ultimo colpisce molto - Ismaele

A brutal, shattering story of child trafficking that is intended to deliver a sobering punch about the global human trafficking trade, Marco Kreutzpaintner's powerful drama is in fact based on investigative reports in the New York Times. That fact further deepens the impact of the film, a story that is depressingly familiar to thousands, (a million according to the cards at the film's end), around the world.
Kevin Kline creates a melancholy and understated character as the ranger whose personal demons contribute to his determination to help Jorge (Cesar Ramos) find the 13 year old Adriana, beautifully played by Paulina Gaitan. The bad guys are ruthless and credible, the music helps with the shifts in mood, but the overall tone is well measured, lightened occasionally by the banter between Kline's Ray and the young Jorge, as they take to the road across the US, heading for New Jersey, where the auction is held for some of the girls captured in this round.

The journey of the kidnappers and the pursuing duo is managed with intercutting and the sense of danger drives every frame. The online auction, albeit a small part of the story, is well staged, ratcheting up the tension as we near the climax - which takes place in an ordinary suburban house, just like the one next door ...
Quite apart from its role as a warning and an alert to complacency, the film has genuine merit as a gripping entertainment.

…What is fascinating, in a scary way, are the details of the Internet auction business, how it works and the money made in it. When I watch those TV shows where pedophiles are pounced on by cops, I think "entrapment," but you know what? Some people are asking to be entrapped. How about that Florida federal prosecutor just the other day who flew to Michigan hoping to meet a 5-year-old girl? Your rights to do what you want in your sex life run into a dead end, I believe, when they involve someone else doing what they don't want.
All obvious, although not to some deranged creeps. But what is the purpose of this movie? Does it manipulate its subject matter a little too much in its quest to be "entertaining"? Why should this material be entertaining? Anything that holds our interest can be entertaining, in a way, but the movie seems to have an unwholesome determination to show us the victims being terrified and threatened. When I left the screening, I just didn't feel right.

The filmmakers, director Marco Kreuzpaintner and writers Jose Rivera and Peter Landesman, tell the story of Adriana, a girl from Mexico City who has just celebrated her 13th birthday when she is abducted and funneled into a sex trafficking operation. When her older brother Jorge, no more than a teen-ager himself—finds out what has happened to her, he sets off on a mission—one that takes him across the border to the United States—to keep her from disappearing forever into the land of those simply classified as “missing.” 
The frenetic prologue of “Trade” is a dizzying montage of images from Mexico City—(will someone please explain the lines of naked women and the lines of men with their pants pulled down?) It then slows down to a family pace, when we meet Adriana (Paulina Gaitan), Jorge (Cesar Ramos) and their mother. The texture of the first half of the movie remains the same, though, as if the viewer is watching the action in the family’s neighborhood, either up-close or at a distance, with a handheld camera.

…Trade isn’t perfect, isn’t without problems, but that doesn’t make it any less astonishing. Rivera and Kreuzpaintner have crafted one of the more thought provoking and emotionally charged dramas I’ve had the pleasure to see this year. Simply put, the film is very, very good, and for that fact alone I can’t help people venture out of their comfort zone and take a chance. Lord knows the movie is worth it.

…The film obviously works well know theme, by now we are all aware that sex trade, in women and children, is alive and growing. We are also aware that the former Eastern Europe, impoverished by new systems, supplies a large portion of the victims, mostly by promising them work abroad.
We would like to forget is that it is not just one bad man, or few men, but large networks of people, sex , nationality and age making no difference, who trade in humans, and that these people are not drug addicts but opportunists living next door and looking for fast money. They are aided and abetted by official indifference, laziness and corruption. 
Veronica is dismissed when she tells to an American guard that she was kidnapped. Jorge is dismissed by a Mexican official when he seeks help in finding his sister. The victims and their families are neither rich, nor powerful, the sex traders are both.
The film points out people's perception of others as inferior beings: for the Mexican rapists Veronica is just a communist whore, for the American patrol the captured Mexicans are just illegals, for Jorge Ray is just a stupid gringo. Our own sense of superiority prevents justice.
It is sadly absurd that the critics tout the film as an: "abduction of 13 years Mexican girl"and pass over Veronica's fate completely. Alicja Bachleda has a strong screen presence and I'd like to see her again. Cesar Ramos and Paulina Gaitan both come across as street smart but young people well aware of the ramifications of their birth circumstances. Kevin Kline is tired man, who often gave up before he had to and came to a conclusion that he does not want to do that again.
Unusually strong music score and sometimes astounding staging.
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  1. Adoro Kevin Kline( discreto violinista per altro.)
    Quindi il suo nome come garanzia mi basta e avanza!

    1. qui è bravissimo, non deve far ridere, riesce in ogni ruolo, bravo

  2. Dal trailer non sembra niente male. Come al solito la critica il più delle volte valuta troppo sbrigativamente, senza approfondire.

    1. forse, a volte, non sono liberi, se ne parla male un grande critico, è più facile accodarsi, qui si è liberi, anche di sbagliare:)

      provaci, mi dirai