giovedì 24 gennaio 2013

Chocolat - Claire Denis

il primo, grande, film di Claire Denis, un film sul ritorno, sulla sua impossibilità, sul razzismo, sui silenzi, sui razzisti buoni, sul bellissimo rapporto fra Protée e la figlia dei padronisull'amore impossibile, con uno straordinario Isaach De Bankolé.
davvero un gran film, da non perdere - Ismaele

PS: musica di Abdullah Ibrahim

…”Chocolat" is a film of infinite delicacy. It is not one of those steamy melodramatic interracial romances where love conquers all.
It is a movie about the rules and conventions of a racist society and how two intelligent adults, one black, one white, use their mutual sexual attraction as a battleground on which, very subtly, to taunt each other. The woman of course has the power; all of French colonial society stands behind her. But the man has the moral authority, as he demonstrates in the movie's most important scene, which is wordless, brief, and final.

Chocolat" is one of those rare films with an entirely mature, adult sensibility; it is made with the complexity and subtlety of a great short story, and it assumes an audience that can understand what a strong flow of sex can exist between two people who barely even touch each other. It is a deliberately beautiful film - many of the frames create breathtaking compositions - but it is not a travelogue and it is not a love story. It is about how racism can prevent two people from looking each other straight in the eyes, and how they punish each other for the pain that causes them. This is one of the best films of the year.

Chocolat is postmodern in a melancholic sense in that nothing between the characters is ever absolutely resolved. There is rather an overwhelming sense of loss and melancholy gained from the film which explores the impossibility of love between the two characters, Aimee and Protee and even France and Protee, stuck within the colonial paradigm of master and slave. Furthermore this sense of loss and emptiness is also realised at the level of the characters themselves who appear extremely elusive and mysterious. It is also literally realised in terms of the identity of various characters such as, Munga and the adult France, who are respectively only dreaming or without a past and future

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