mercoledì 24 maggio 2017

Kongekabale (King's Game) - Nikolaj Arcel

uno di quei film che in sala sarebbe stato un grande successo, ma da noi non è mai arrivato, è solo un film della piccola Danimarca, mica della portaerei Usa.
Nikolaj Arcel ha il dono di scrivere e/o dirigere film che meritano molto, questo è di quelli.
film molto attuale, sulla politica marcia, il giornalismo, gli intrighi, la verità, e non annoia un minuto.
cosa volere di più?
buona visione - Ismaele 

Despite being a début, Arcel has managed to put together a convincing piece with a very distinctive look. Parts of it end up being almost monochrome as the palette is drained of almost all hues leaving mostly blues and greys - it gives this bleary, early morning look that fits in perfectly with the film's ambiance. Although this may not be the best political

…More than just a political thriller, “King’s Game” is a story about power, what men will do to get it, to keep it, and how hard it is to maintain some sense of idealism is a cynical world, where everyone is struggling for power. A key element in the story is the relationship between the press and the legislative power. While spin in Denmark differs largely from spin in other countries, mainly because the distance between the press, and public, and the politicians, spin has still become an important element of the political game, not just in order to protect politicians, but also in order to guide “the best obtainable version of the truth”, and even as the story is exaggerated and a composite of many persons and events, it portraits a game, where ethics and objectivity is put aside in order to both gain and maintain power. By doing so, it offers the viewer a base for discussion and a reference, by which the viewer then can approach political news in general…

The Faustian pact between politicians and the media is laid bare in King's Game, an immensely watchable Danish conspiracy thriller. A cub reporter, Torp (Anders W Berthelsen) is assigned to the parliamentary beat just days before a general election, at a time when the man expected to lead a landslide victory for the Centre Party is involved in a horrific accident. Manipulated by almost everyone around him, the idealist journo gets a crash course in the dirty business of politics….

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