lunedì 17 settembre 2012

Freedom - Sharunas Bartas

molte cose sono non dette, il mondo che Sharunas Bartas ci mostra non è il mondo al quale siamo abituati, i suoi personaggi sono in fuga, senza pace, il film ti lascia inquieto, non capisci e non puoi capire, solo vedere e provare.
dice qualcuno (qui sotto) che Bartas fa film fra Tarkovsky e Bela Tarr, "Freedom" sta dalle parti del capolavoro - Ismaele

Sharunas Bartas’ chef-d’oeuvre and his most accessible work to date, Freedom (2000) is also one of the most pertinent films of the past decade. Taking off from the wandering trio setup of Three Days, Freedom begins with a chase scene right out of genre cinema transposed onto Bartas’ highly de-dramatized canvas. The two men and women seem to be illegal immigrants who are on the coast guard’s wanted list. If The House was national politics distilled into a claustrophobic setting, Freedom is the same being set in seemingly limitless open spaces. The most rigorous of all Bartas films, Freedom is the kind of film Tarkovsky might have made had he lived to see the new century. Like the Russian’s characters, the people in this film are all marginal characters (and are often aptly pushed from the centre of the frame towards its margins) who want to escape the oppressive, unfair politics of this world and become one with nature and the unassailable peace it seems to possess. Alas, like in Blissfully Yours (2002), they are unable to depoliticize their world and start anew. The tyrannical past is catching up with them, the present is at a stalemate and is rotting and there is no sight of the future anywhere. Bartas expands the scope of his usual investigation and deals with a plethora of themes including the artificiality and fickleness of national boundaries, the barriers that lingual and geographical differences create between people and the ultimate impermanence of these barriers and the people affected by it in this visually breathtaking masterwork.

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  1. Bello e dolente, il mio Bartas preferito insieme a Seven Invisible Men.

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  3. "Freedom" non lascia indifferenti, riesce a turbare, a interrogare, a inquietare...

    "Seven Invisible Men" me lo segno, ho "the house", ma aspetto allora.