sabato 14 novembre 2015

Khadak - Peter Brosens, Jessica Woodworth

la storia di Bagi, della sua gente, dell'abbandono forzato della steppa e degli animali, in cambio di un cubo di cemento di città, una storia di sciamani, e visioni, una storia comune a tutti i popoli minoritari del mondo, ma non meno grandi, lotta per la sopravvivenza, il destino è l'estinzione o l'omologazione, un film che non si può raccontare, guardalo, dentro c'è un mondo - Ismaele

QUI il film completo sottotitolato in inglese

…The movie moves at a deliberately slow pace that may put off some viewers. I have always felt that slow movies work much better in the theater where there is nothing to distract you during the time you have dedicated to concentrating on the movie. Watching this movie at home, I must admit that the fast-forward button was awfully tempting at times. I would not say any shot lasts too long—every scene is beautiful and a joy to watch—but a lot of shots are long.
Speaking of fast-forward, the ability to scan forward or backward is disabled on the featurette. It's also not possible to skip chapters on the half-hour program. This is a big inconvenience that greatly reduces the supplement's repeat viewing potential…

… This spiritual adventure story was shot in Mongolia and directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth. The film ambitiously melds a political critique of modernism with a deep respect for nomadic tradition and the value of shamanism, a spiritual perspective that embraces mysticism and a reverence for nature and animals. Brosens and Woodworth have made an unusual work that challenges us to choose the mysteries of the spirit world over the reason of commercial ventures that mine and destroy the riches of the earth.

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