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Vikander – Ole Bornedal

una storia di ragazzi, di invasori alieni, fantascienza e realtà si inseguono, futuro, ritorno al futuro.
il coraggio di un ragazzino (e dei suoi amici) riesce ad avere la meglio sugli alieni cattivi.
il babbo del ragazzino si è fatto fregare, come tutti gli adulti, da quella supplente che non convince i ragazzini.
mai uscito in Italia, peccato.
tu cercalo, non ti deluderà, promesso - Ismaele

ps: per chi non lo sa (e lo vuole sapere) Ole Bornedal è il regista di quel film grandissimo che è “Guardiano di notte”, del 1994. (che è meglio vederlo di notte, al buio, Ole Bornedal è davvero un grande, poi ha fatto un remake in Usa con attori famosi, ma la versione danese è la migliore.
se posso fare un paragone è con "Tesis", di Alejandro Amenabar, sono due film sorprendenti.)

I would recommend The Substitute, but if you need a great deal of blood and fear in a movie, it's probably not for you. I only yelled once in surprise, although it was a good one. Actually, this has been a chicken themed week for me. After attending the LA premiere of Lloyd Kaufman's genius/insane "Poultrygeist – Night of the Chicken Dead," I ended up at the poultry party at the Hustler shop on Sunset. Toxic Avenger was there and nicked the girl I was after, damn. Why am I telling you this? I don't know, but it just goes to show you that chickens are all over the place right now.

The story is pretty straightforward - a silver globe from a planet that knows only war lands in a Scandinavian chicken farm, possessing the farmer's wife. They had been watching an TV interview of Jesper (Ulrich Thomsen), a writer whose latest book proclaims love as the most powerful force in the universe. Sadly, Jesper's wife has perished in an automobile accident, and son Carl (Jonas Wandschneider) is having a very difficult time getting over that. On the same day Carl's class gets a new student, it also gets a long-term substitute teacher - Ulla Harms (Parpika Steen), the farmer's wife. She's strange and often cruel, but will the parents believe their kids' assertions that she's some kind of monster or alien? Of course not!
That this movie is rated R in America is patently absurd (the MPAA supplies "language" as the reason, but I don't recall anything worse than a "hell" or two in the subtitles, although I did note that some Danish words sounded kind of like f-bombs once or twice); it's almost as though filmmaker Ole Bornedal's previous thrillers (including the Danish and American versions of Nightwatch) are being held against it. There is some action and maybe more tension theThe Substitute than might be found in an American live-action kid's adventure film, but nothing to be worried about…

The Substitute is excellently filmed. Outdoor scenes are normally under a grey, cloudy sky. You'd think that would be bad, but it's actually kind of beautiful. It adds to feeling of doom and despair the kids are going through. One visual highlight is a sequence when the kids are boarding a bus to go on a class trip with Ulla. They're crying, begging their parents to let them stay, but the parents just think this is the usual "leaving home for the first time" jitters. There's a marvelous slow motion pan across the side of the bus as it pulls away, with the teary-eyed kids staring down at their parents from the bus's windows. Some of the young faces show great sadness, some show anger, and some look like they've accepted their eventual grisly fate. It's a powerful, emotional moment that really draws you into the film…

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