sabato 21 gennaio 2017

Zashchitnik Sedov (L'avvocato Sedov) - Evgeniy Tsymbal

solo 40 minuti per un film straordinario, terribile e amaro.
guardatelo e soffritene tutti - Ismaele

…Defense Counsel Sedov was made possible only because of the inauguration of Mikhail Gorbachev's reforms, allowing for more open discussion (glasnost) of past misdeeds undertaken by the state. The topic of the Great Terror, which touched nearly every family in the USSR, had never been as thoroughly broached previously in any Soviet film as it was in this film. Here, the Great Terror is exposed for what it truly was – a time of state sponsored mass killings of innocent people. Defense Counsel Sedov is thus one of the triumphs of the Gorbachev period.

Not only is the film about a depressing topic and one wrapped up on a pessimistic note, the film is shot in an almost washed-out, dreary black and white. That the film is set during wintertime and that large portions of the film occur in dark, cold Siberia only further contributes to the film's bleak and depressing mood, a mood that was very common across the USSR in the 1980s as economic hardships had begun to wrack the country by this time. The film's haunting score fits perfectly.

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