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Skupljaci perja (Ho incontrato anche zingari felici) - Aleksandar Petrovic

interpretato da Bekim Fehmiu, che un anno dopo sarà Ulisse nel bellissimo film per la tv, diretto dal grande Franco Rossi, e da Olivera Katarina, una bravissima cantante.
"Ho incontrato anche zingari felici" è un film estremo, per i nostri giorni, esagerato, e però ha un grande fascino, come hanno deciso a Cannes, dandogli il Premio speciale della giuria nel 1967.
un gran film, provare per credere - Ismaele

I saw this film when I was in college in the 1970s. It has vanished completely since then. I think it inspired me to become an "underground filmmaker." I like the style, the scenery, the story, the humor, the depiction of life behind the Iron Curtain--particularly for the Gypsies. I still remember the scene where the one character is throwing feathers off the back of a truck, and the fight scene underneath the feathers. And the "wedding" scene where the "monk" says "Any fish in that river, Tisa?" And where the heroine runs away to the big city and attempts to live by singing on the street. (Is this where she is hitchhiking and gets seduced by a puppet-wielding truck-driver?) Also the use of non-actors--local people--in the film. I don't know if the world presented in this movie is realistic or romanticised, but it was a very good film and it deserves to be seen again today.

…It's a film that takes the viewer who is not a gypsy into a foreign world that is ugly, dangerous, and ignorant, but also shows there's a real community among the gypsies and it's a traditional world where they do not easily let outsiders in. Therefore the value of the film is mostly because it shows us an alien culture rarely seen, keeps things authentic and spicy (even if not nice), and flashes on occasion a wicked black humor. It should be noted the production values are not good and neither is the stiff acting, but that didn't stop me from enjoying such an odd spectacle.
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