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Citizen Ruth (La storia di Ruth - Donna americana) – Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne è davvero bravo, dopo averlo visto qui al cinema, con Bruce Dern, ho provato a tornare indietro e sono incappato in "Citizen Ruth", un gran film con un'eccezionale Laura Dern, che è una povera ragazza al centro di una lotta non solo ideologica.
tutti gli altri personaggi sono in fondo caricature (e se i nostri personaggi lo fossero anch'essi?).
la satira esplora e racconta il mondo com'è, e Laura Dern lo fugge.
un film da non perdere - Ismaele

"Citizen Ruth," written and directed by Alexander Payne, is a satire with the reckless courage to take on both sides in the abortion debate. There are no positive characters in the film--certainly not Ruth, whose preferred state is oblivion, and who perks up only when both sides start making cash offers. At a time when almost every film has a "market" in mind, here is a movie with a little something to offend anyone who has a strong opinion on abortion.
Who's left to buy tickets? Maybe those dwindling numbers who admire movies for their daring and wit, and do not expect to be congratulated and reinforced by the characters on the screen.
The movie is a gallery of sharp-edged satiric portraits…

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Laura Dern gives an excellent performance, allowing herself to be photographed in an extremely unattractive fashion, with no makeup, dark circles under her eyes, and lank, unwashed hair hanging below her shoulders. She plays Ruth as a selfish, but very human, character who only cares about the pro-life and pro-choice movements in relation to how she can benefit from them (preferably financially). In an odd way, the strength of Dern's acting could almost be seen as detrimental to the film. If Ruth wasn't this believable, the most over-the-top aspects of the satire wouldn't feel as overbearing.
Every character except Ruth is a pure caricature -- the personification of an exaggerated point-of-view…
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The film deserves a lot of credit for satirizing both groups equally as well as finding great comedy in such a troubling (and common) dilemma. It explores issues that recent movies dealing with pregnancy have more or less shied away from, and I think it's refreshing and even funnier for doing so. I only really knew Laura Dern from David Lynch's world, and I always liked her, but she is absolutely perfect here and I would really like to see more of her

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Citizen Ruth isn't a bad place to start when it comes to the works of Alexander Payne thoughElection seems like the better introduction. Fans of Payne will find this as a great debut though for those serious about the issue of abortion will find this film to be very offensive. With a great cast led by Laura Dern, Citizen Ruth is a winner for its witty satire and realistic views on politics as it stands as a fine debut for Alexander Payne and company.

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