mercoledì 1 luglio 2015

J'ai pas sommeil - Claire Denis

un film con diverse storie che stanno insieme, con tanti personaggi, e con Yekaterina Golubeva e Alex Descas, che spesso appaiono nei film di Claire Denis.
una storia di espatriati, bambini, ladri, assassini, travestiti.
non è il più bel film di Claire Denis, per i miei gusti, ma come sempre merita la visione, è sempre bello vedere le sue immagini sullo schermo - Ismaele

…Claire Denis fails to milk the pursuit for anything – one can understand that that is not the sort of film she is trying to make – but the climax of the film is arrived at indifferently. Certainly, Daiga’s story and Theo’s marital struggle is of no importance to it whatsoever. All the actors in the film at least play well.

…Claire Denis presents a haunting and understatedly compelling meditation on longing, estrangement, and disconnection in I Can't Sleep. Using fragmented, often unresolved episodes, narrative ellipses, and tangential encounters, Denis creates a melancholic and sensual tapestry on cultural division and marginalization (issues that Michael Haneke would similarly explore in a subsequent film, Code Inconnu): Daiga's limited knowledge of French is repeatedly exploited by others for personal gain; the neighbors' continued distrust of Théo after he interrupts an episode of domestic violence; Camille's volatile relationship with his lover that is paralleled in Théo and Mona's unstable relationship; the vulnerable, often solitary existence of the elderly victims. By tracing the aimless, desperate, and isolated lives of social outsiders, I Can't Sleep becomes an evocative, richly textured, and deeply disturbing contemporary ballad on the pervasive nature of violence and the difficulty of assimilation in an increasingly alienating modern society.

…what makes I Can’t Sleep such a standout and memorable film is those surprising moments of revelation where the perception of characters shift and change into something unexpected. Sadly, Dagia never gets that moment, leaving her with the weakest third of the film. For Théo and Camille it’s a reminder that perceptions of people can drastically change in the most shocking moments of truth.

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  1. Mai sentito questo della Denis, non lo conoscevo, grazie!
    Certo che anche lei ha una ricca filmografia alle sua spalle...

    1. più vado avanti, più film devo scoprire, vedere o rivedere :)