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Trattamento speciale (Poseban tretman) - Goran Paskaljevic

un film che racconta una clinica in cui si cura l'alcolismo, ma si scopre che è incurabile (ogni allusione ad altro non è casuale).
divertente e amaro - Ismaele

Another ace work from Goran Paskaljevic,the genius behind movies like "Varljivo leto '68","Vreme cuda","Someone Else's America" and "Bure baruta". This movie is about alcoholism and as such a rather dark one, specially at the end. Ljuba Tadic,excellent as always, plays a doctor who works with a group of alcoholics trying to solve the mystery-what is it in the human that makes him drink? This was also the alternative and popular title of this movie.

This story serves as a warning against getting into drinking and is one of the few that really tries to get to the bottom of why people drink and explain it. I think nobody can really answer that, but this movie comes close. The ending is quite bizarre and even comical in a dark way, specially the scene where Danilo Bata Stojkovic throws himself into a giant glass of beer, the "sculpture" of the anti-alcohol seminar, which also brings the irony into it all.

Milena Dravic got a Cannes award for best supporting actress,but I think all actors were equally great and Tadic and Stojkovic make one of their best performances here. Specially Stojkovic plays a very different character than in other films. "Poseban tretman" is a darkly humorous and brilliant study of alcoholism and belongs to the gallery of classic Yugoslav and European films. All hail Paskaljevic!

Paskaljevic's wry and soulful portrait of practices in an alcohol treatment clinic is a mischievous look at the abuse of power. The head doctor, an autocrat, uses unorthodox tactics—including the music of Richard Wagner, the flapping of hands, the eating of apples, and amateur theatricals—to cajole his reluctant patients into sobriety. When he brings his wards to perform in a brewery, all does not go as planned. The film may be read as a comic metaphor for a benign totalitarianism…

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