martedì 16 febbraio 2016

Sabirni centar (The Meeting Point) - Goran Markovic

un archeologo, dopo una vita di ricerche, trova una porta verso l'aldilà, e si sciolgono i misteri e le sofferenze del passato.
profesor Misa ritrova la moglie morta giovane, giovane e bellissima per sempre.
un film strano e bello.
un piccolo gioiellino da recuperare, se si riesce a trovare - Ismaele

From the Screenwriter of “Who’s Singin’ Over There”,”The Marathon Family”,”Balkanski Spijun” (flicks that are Serbian Cinematography at its best) comes (Writing Credits) this brilliant movie set in the surreal atmosphere of an archaeological site in northern Serbia in the second half of the 20th century. During the excavations of ancient Roman ruins, an old archeology professor discovers a Roman tombstone for which he has been searching all of his life. The tomb actually covers the passage from this world to the “other” one. In an attempt to move it from its place, the professor suffers a heart attack and soon dies. However, he only appears to be dead; in fact he is in a state “between life and death.” Being half-dead, half-alive, he can now establish a connection between the living and the dead. Speaking with his loved ones who passed away he can suddenly see his life in a different perspective. With the help of the professor, even the dead, led by the desire to see their relatives and loved ones, pass through the same corridor only to find out that the world of the living is not quite as they remembered or imagined it.

This is a great movie. See why the dead can't find peace, because of us the alive. It is hard to see greatness of this film if you don't understand Serbian. Movie starts when professor Misa find the one thing what he was searching all his life-the passage. Soon after, he dies. The dead in their world, are one by one disappointed by things that happened in the world of a living. And when the professor Misa who died recently find out what is happening in the world of a living by his pupil who committed suicide after Misa's death, he find the passage similar to one on earth. The dead go on a journey to correct the things.

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