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Il segreto dell'isola di Roan - John Sayles

l'unico film di John Sayles che avevo già visto.
a una seconda visione non perde niente della bellezza e della forza che aveva e ha.
una bambina racconta e vede aldilà di quanto tutti possono e hanno il coraggio di vedere.
un film epico, davvero un capolavoro da non perdere, bellezza, stupore e commozione, senza trucchi, vi aspettano.
e finalmente conoscerete una vera selkie (anche qui ce n'era una) - Ismaele

This is not a children's movie, not a fantasy, not cute, not fanciful. It is the exhilarating account of the way Fiona rediscovers her family's history and reclaims their island. If by any chance you do not believe in Selkies, please at least keep an open mind, because in this film Selkies exist in the real world, just like you and me.
On Roan Inish, the girl sees a child's footprint. Then she sees the child - Jamie! - running on the sand. She calls to him, but he gets back into his cradle, which is borne out to sea by friendly seals. Of course it is hard to convince grownups of what she has seen…
Children deserve not lesser films but greater ones, because their imaginations can take in larger truths and bigger ideas. "The Secret of Roan Inish" is a film for children and teenagers like Fiona, who can envision changing their family's fate. It is also for adults, of course, except for those who think they do not want to see a film about anything so preposterous as a seal-woman, and who will get what they deserve.

The visuals are beautiful throughout - fog and cloud, a grassy knoll overrun with wild flowers, the watchful eyes of the seals who stealthily change the course of boats. The selkie herself with her pensive face and wild dark hair is also a sight, stirring a stew at the hearth or letting her child's cradle float in the shallows by the beach…

 It is rare to find a movie so simple yet so beautifully complex and one that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what generation they come from. For those reasons, John Sayles and The Secret Of Roan Inish are acquitted of all charges in record time. This judge thinks Disney could learn a thing or three about how to do family films by watching and re-watching this little classic…
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